Swamp Wallaby

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Swamp wallabyGenus: Wallabia
Species: Wallabia bicolor
Common names: Swamp Wallaby
ALA reference

We still seem to have about 4 to 6 swamp wallabies in the Reserve. If you walk right round the Reserve you will normally see or hear them somewhere on your walk.

(March 2011)

In early August, I came across this impressive adult Swamp Wallaby (below). Sadly, it seems that it is blind in its right eye and its left eye does not look so good either. I watched this individual for some time as it worked hard to detect the direction and proximity of human voices, footprints and other suburban noises. I have seen people walking their dogs off-leash in The Fort, and I fear for the Swamp Wallaby population. However, I wonder how genetically viable this Swamp Wallaby population is at The Fort? Surely, they would need to disperse to breed with other individuals from populations that move along the Brisbane River? I hope that this is possible given the fragmented urban landscape we live in.

The ecological values of The Fort cannot be overstated. It is the largest remaining patch of lowland dry rainforest in Brisbane and I am just so lucky to live close to it. (Deborah Metters)

(August 2013)

Swamp wallaby