Wikstroemia indica

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Wikstroemia indicaFamily: Thymelaeaceae
Genus: Wikstroemia
Common names: Tie Bush, Bootlace Bush
ALA reference

A second plant of this species recently germinated beside the southern track and has been growing very well. It was covered in flowers and is now carrying masses of small berries that are turning yellow-orange as they ripen. (January 2014)

This shrub grows to about 1.5 metres with a somewhat arching growth habit. I have found only one plant in the reserve and it is about 75 cm high. The leaves are opposite, dark green above and glaucous on the lower surface. It has small green flowers in terminal bunches. The fruit, when ripe, is bright red and luscious looking but toxic like the other parts of the plant. I am pleased to be able to report that the plant has already set a number of small green fruit. This species gets its common name from its tough stringy bark that can be shredded and used like string. (December 2012)