Xanthorrhoea latifolia

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Xanthorrhoea latifoliaFamily: Xanthorrhoeaceae
Genus: Xanthorrhoea
Common names: Grass tree
ALA reference

While there are a couple of these plants on the southern slopes of the ridge they are very common on the northern side where the Reserve slopes down to the Brisbane River. While this species can develop a trunk to 3 metres in height, none of the plants I found had trunks. The plant on the right in the photo has a three metre tall flower spike which is covered in small white flowers. Other plants that flowered in previous months have spikes covered in sharp ripening seeds.

My plant census previously listed two species of Xanthorrhoea obtained from plant lists produced by two botanists. However while Xanthorrhoea latifolia is common, I am unable to find any plants of Xanthorrhoea johnsonii. Since the botanist that listed X. johnsonii did not include X. latifolia I can only conclude that he misidentified this species and I have therefore removed X. johnsonii from my census. However if anyone does find a plant of X. johnsonii could they please let me know. (April 2009)